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Dan's Ford Granada Site link page

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LINKS to Related Automotive Sites

The Granada Enthusiasts'club Site it is well worth joining so take a look!

UK Granada Homepage - Granada cabrio !

Swedish Granada Club -It is brill and Looks good, shame I don't speak Swedish though.

Granadas Mentioned Here:

The Sweeney 70's Icons - one of which is the Mark 1 Granada, Pictures and details here, including a good animation of opening title pictures..

Cars used in the Professionals - details the Granadas, Capris etc. used in the Professionals..

Merkur Scorpio
Some excellent sites from our American cousins, more are available by following links from these pages.

Mekurbahn - Pictures, Good links list and information about the Merkur Mailing List including Archives

The Merkur Scorpio - Paul Doering's comprehensive site including the history of the Scorpio in America

The Merkur Resource Page - Ken Tidwell's Vendor list and technical info.

Other Ford or Classic Car Sites

XR Ford Cortinas, Sierras and Merkurs - George Nielsen good site.

English Fords - 50's to 70's Fords by Belgian Kurt Bogaert

Cosworth Appreciation Page - The Sierra's best incarnation.

Classic Motor Monthly - Loads of information from this monthly mag.

Car / Classic Car - CarWorld Connect Car / Classic Car Site

UK Motor Sport Index- Good Starting point for UK Motor Sport and Car Clubs

If you know of any other good sites for my list E-Mail me with the Address

Dan Rice

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