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  diabetes during illness


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This web site has been designed to examine the effects of illness on the diabetic patient. It has been put together by a student nurse for student nurses and newly qualified staff nurses as part of a learning contract. The site will examine the effect of illness on the diabetic patient, in relation to assessment and monitoring. It will also discuss how acute complications can quickly develop and how to manage these complications from a nursing perspective. For a full list of useful references please look at the references page. If the reader has any useful comments or criticisms about the site there is also a feedback form on the contact page that can be used for correspondence. It is hoped that this site will provide a stimulus for debate and discussion regarding care of the diabetic patient.


Red1.gif (1103 bytes) The facts

Provides a quick recap on the different types of diabetes, with reference to population and prevelance. Additionally it looks at management and drug therapy of both type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus.

Red1.gif (1103 bytes) Management of blood glucose

Why management of blood glucose is important , with reference to hypo and hyperglycaemia and both acute and chronic problems of hyper glyceamia

Red1.gif (1103 bytes) Acute complications of hyperglycaemia

Pathogenisis of Diabetic Ketoacidocis and Hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar non-ketotic state

Red1.gif (1103 bytes) Clinical presentation and management

Examines the cinical presentation of acute complications, via case studies and the management of them.

Red1.gif (1103 bytes) Diabetes and illness

Looks at sick day rules provided for the individual with diabetes and examines why they are important. This page additionally provides an insight into hyperglycaemia caused by illness in non diabetic patients.

Red1.gif (1103 bytes) References

Red1.gif (1103 bytes) Links

Red1.gif (1103 bytes) Contact


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